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What is Kombucha ?

Kombucha cultures or SCOBY have been used traditional for hundreds of years throughout the world as a beneficial health drink and daily
Kombucha tea (pronounced kom-boo-sha, Kombu tea in English), also called a Manchurian mushroom, is a living culture which
grows on top of a mixture of brewed tea and sugar in which the culture has been introduced.  Kombucha tea is healthy and refreshing
fermented beverage that has been use for generations.  It is said to come from eastern Asia and now has traveled all around the world.

Although it is called a mushroom, it is not a mushroom at all as it does not produce spores or "fruit."  The "mushroom" or SCOBY can be
describe as a light brown or creamy white disk that grows on top of the liquid tea/sugar mixture and will take the form of the container that
is in, which is why most look circular in the pictures you may see.  Again, it is not a mushroom at all, but really a yeast culture that has a
symbiotic relationship with various bacteria, which duplicates itself during each brewing cycle.  The correct name for the "mushroom" is a
S.C.O.B.Y - a
symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.  The culture may look fragile, however, it is really thick and leathery in consistency.  
The finished brewed tea should be regarded principally as a live food unusually rich in nutritive properties. The finished fermented product
taste something like cider with a nice fizz.  As with yogurt or miso, the bacteria and cultures in the tea are a great source of nutrition, aiding
in metabolic function and balance.

It tastes somewhat like a sparkling apple cider with a tang of vinegar, depending on how long it ferments.  The benefits to the physical
body vary widely. Most common benefits are it's detoxifying and metabolising effects.  It is said to also enhance the immune system, due
to the organic acids and anti-oxidants contained in the finished beverage.  By detoxifying the body and providing natural pro-biotics, it
makes it unlikely for disease causing bacteria and viruses to find a suitable growth environment.  

This makes kombucha a great aid when dealing with many aliments and conditions!
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Incorporate Kombucha tea/Manchurian tea as part of your daily practice to aid you in your health and healing.

Because we use only organic tea and organic sugar for our brewing process, we believe this makes our cultures some of the purest,
giving them extra strength, vitality, and enhancing their beneficial properties!
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Your source for organic kombucha products, starter kits, and mushroom cultures
Brewing kombuhca tea, or Manchurian tea, and proper caring of cultures or scobys in the proper method will allow your culture to last a lifetime. Providing you with a great health tonic that may be used as part of your daily health practice.