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Kombucha Warnings - Important Warnings, Hazards, and Liability Statement
~ FDA Warnings ~ :|: ~ Recommended Dosage ~ :|: ~ Brewing Containers ~
Kombucha Warnings and Hazards From the FDA - must be addressed to insure that the consumer is informed about the potential
hazards from improper brewing and handling of the cultures. Because folk medicines and herbal remedies, including Kombucha tea, are
considered neither a food nor a drug, they are not routinely evaluated by FDA or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The FDA does have
kombucha warnings and information posted on their
web site.  These warnings are about the hazards of brewing the tea in non-glass
containers mostly and a few reported cases where people have been hospitalized from not following this important step! FDA studies have
found no evidence of
contamination or hazards in Kombucha products fermented under sterile conditions.
Anahata Balance is not liable or in control of the consumers home brewing process.   
Please consult with your health practitioner or doctor before consuming any kombucha products.
Do not drink kombucha tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or for children 4 years or younger.

Claims - We do not support claims made by consumers of kombucha as individual results may vary and have not been proven by the
FDA or the western medical community.  We do however wish for you to inform yourself on how to brew your own tea in a safe
manner and to learn the traditional uses for the cultured tea, there are many books, websites, and Yahoo groups, etc on this subject.  
Please educated yourself before using any kombucha products.  Use common sense and good hygiene when brewing your own tea, good
fermented tea always has a vinegar smell not a musty or moldy smell.

But most important, if you are unsure of anything or suspect something is wrong!  Do NOT Drink the Tea!

DO NOT drink the tea if it is unsafe, throw it out, and start over with a 'back-up' or new fresh culture!  
The hazards involved in drinking
contaminated tea are not worth the few cents worth of tea and sugar.  Again Kombucha tea has a long
and safe track record as long as basic hygiene and care are used in brewing and maintaining your cultures. Kombucha contains
self-preserving anti-bacterial properties which makes the chance of contamination very low.

Our Guarantee - The tea bought through Organic-Kombucha.com website is guarantied to be from organic sources, free from
harmful pathogens, and is bottled fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.  All our teas are brewed in glass
containers, for safety, using only certified organic sugar and certified organic teas.  Our tea is brewed and processed at a state licensed
facility through the Michigan State Agriculture and Food department to insure that the bottled tea or starter kit you receive is in
compliance with standard health regulations and made under sanitary conditions.

WARNING:  Purchase of a starter kit, mushroom, or S.C.O.B.Y.(symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), or even bottled brew from a home brewer or an
unlicensed facility may put the consumer at risk of receiving a contaminated source of kombucha culture, although the chances are low, the possibility still exist
Who Should Not
Use Kombucha

Kombucha Culture
Information and Its

Ensure that you receive a pure source of kombucha culture please follow the above warning and order your culture from a health department licensed facility using organic sources.

Recommended Dosage - Drinking this tea in quantities typically consumed (approximately 4 oz daily) may not cause adverse
effects in healthy persons; however, the potential health risks are unknown for those with preexisting health problems or those
who drink excessive quantities of the tea.
It is recommended that a person drinking the tea for the first time, start with a small dose and increases this amount slowly until
intake is to 4 oz per day.  Any time one introduces a new substance into the body time should be given to see how the body will
react to this substance.  The amount of tea taken may be increased over a longer time period,  Depending on one's health, that
time may be a few months or up to a year depending on the person!  Because kombucha is said to have detoxifying effect on
certain organs and systems in the body it is recommended that one drinks a proper amount of water.  Recommended minimal
amount of water intake is half your bodies weight in oz. ( A 170 lb person would want to drink at least 85 oz of water each day)  
It is proper to take water first thing in the morning upon waking as part of a daily routine).   Again this is a minimal amount and
should be increased whenever consuming kombucha tea.

Brewing Containers - Because of the acidity of Kombucha tea, it should not be prepared or stored in containers made from
materials such as ceramic or lead crystal, which may contain toxic lead elements than can leach into the tea.  Metal containers
should also be avoided in storing finished tea or cultures.  Plastic containers may leach chemicals into the brewed tea, too.  

All of our kombucha products are brewed and processed in glass containers only!  Part of the reasons that the FDA does not
endorse the use of kombucha is that there is no control over the home brewing process and there has been a few cases in which
people have poisoned themselves by using ceramic vessels to brew the tea thus giving themselves lead poisoning.   If one follows
the recommended guidelines there is no worry for concern.  Because of the increasing use of this tea (even in groups that usually
do not use alternative therapies), health-care professionals should consider consumption of Kombucha tea in the differential
diagnosis of persons with unexplained lactic acidosis conditions.
Kombucha tea and cultures bought through Organic-Kombucha.com website is guarantied to be from organic sources,
free from harmful pathogens, and is bottled fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.  Our tea is
brewed and processed at a state licensed facility through the Michigan State Agriculture and Food department to insure
that the kombucha tea or kombucha culture starter kit you receive is in compliance with
health regulations and made under sanitary conditions.
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Kombucha warnings, hazards, and safety and what the FDA says. How to obtain a healthy culture that is pure and uncontaminated is important when considering starting your own culturing of kombucha or any culture.