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Kombucha Tea Use and Dosage - Storing Bottled Tea and Cultures

It is recommended that one starts by drinking just a small amount of
Kombucha tea per day, one single dose of 150ml (1 wineglass).  Kombucha
tea is a living culture and is a powerful detoxifier.  It is always recommend that
anyone who begins drinking the tea for the first time start with a small amount
to avoid any discomfort from the detoxifying effects and to see how the body
will react to the Kombucha culture.
As with any new substance introduced into the body,  one should start slow and increase the amount taken at a pace that is agreeable
with the body.  A single dose should be followed for the first three or four days, then the amount of tea may be increased to 300ml
(two wine glasses) per day.  After the first week, then the full amount of tea may be taken per day, 450ml, 12 oz, or three wine
This is only a recommendation for a person in good health!  If you have preexisting medical conditions or are in poor
health then your starting dosage should be much less. It may take you up to a month to have your daily dose at 300ml and up to a
year before your body is ready for the full amount, 450ml or 12 oz per day.  You must listen to your body and knowing your health
decide what and how much of a dose you should start with and in what steps to increase your dosage.  Please consult with your
health practitioner if you are uncertain as to the dosage and amount of tea to take.  
It is recommended that you talk with your health care practitioner before taking kombucha tea.

The tea may be taken any time during the day but works best if it is spread throughout the day.  To aid in weight loss drink the tea
before meals and for weight gain drink after meals.  It is also very important to drink a lot of clean filtered water, no 'city water',
when drinking the Kombucha tea as this helps to flush out the toxins being released from the body.  This will make any detoxifying
easier on you and your body.  It is now recommended that a person drink at least half their body weight in ounces per day.  So if
you weight 150 lbs you should drink at least 75 oz of water per day.   Again it is very important to drink a lot of water as you detox.

Kombucha is very safe to drink when brewed correctly and is used by millions of people around the world.

Nutritional Contents:
Vitamins– including
- B vitamins
(B1, B2, B6 and B12),
- vitamin C,
- amino acids
- enzymes
- Probiotic Organic Acids:
Lactic acid,
Acetic acids

- A wide range of other
organic acids that
provides normal
functioning & support
to the body:
Usnic acid,
Citric acid,
Oxalic acid,
Malic acid,
Gluconic acid,
Butyric acid,
Nucleic acids
However, as with any drug or substance newly introduced into the body caution must always be used.  If there is any signs
or symptoms of an allergic reaction from drinking Kombucha, other than the detoxifying symptoms that may occur, stop
drinking the Kombucha immediately.  If the detoxifying effects are causing to much discomfort simple reduce the amount of
tea taken per day until your correct dosage is found.  Again millions of people drink the brewed tea daily, with no adverse side
effects, to promote good health and enhance the immune system.
  • Drinking Kombucha may promote good health and has assisted millions of people with its excellent detoxifying and immune-
    enhancing qualities.  
       Its origins are lost in history, but in the earliest records two thousand years ago it was known as ‘the elixir of long life’.

  • Kombucha is not just a health tonic; it is a complete therapy.

  • Kombucha has proved itself to be a quite remarkable therapeutic drink, made from sweetened tea into which a culture (a symbiosis
    of bacteria and yeasts) is placed.  It can taste similar to apple cider or a refreshing light wine, depending on the fermentation time and
    type of tea used.
Storing Kombucha Tea
For storing bottled kombucha tea, you'll need clean bottles with air tight lids.  The process of bottling your brewed tea is very
simple.  The easiest way is to use standard beer bottles and caps which may be purchased at any wine/beer making supply store
or Internet site. When the tea has finished brewing, normally after  7 to 10 days, you are ready to bottle and store any tea that
may not be used within a few days.  Simply take the finished tea, remove the mother and baby cultures from the tea, and strain
through a cheese cloth into the awaiting bottles. Remember to save 10 % of this brewed tea for your next batch of tea!  Once the
bottles are filled and capped you may store the bottled tea in the refrigerator for up to two months.  Drinking the fresh tea is the
best, however, many people can not brew fresh tea every week so bottling is very convenient for some households.  By storing
bottled kombucha tea, it allows you to take a break from the brewing cycle and still allow you to enjoy the benefits of the

To aid in weight loss drink the tea before meals and for weight gain drink after meals.
Many benefits to drinking kombucha tea as a daily health tonic

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Drinking kombucha tea is a great way to start changing your daily health by clearing toxins from the body and building your immunity.  When taken as a daily
health tonic, it aids the body immune system and may help your overall health by keeping disease and disorders at bay.  Thousands of people drink this tea
daily around the world and with great results!  
Make kombucha tea part of your daily practice for your health and wellbeing.
See important warnings on brewing kombucha cultures and why to choose a clean and licensed
production facility to obtain your cultures.  
Click here.
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Using kombucha cultures can be safe and effective way to aid in one's health and healing by detoxifying the body and providing support the the body's systems when used as a daily health tonic