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Cultures Since
K Tea Resource by Gunther Frank
Kombucha mushroom tea cultures provides a low cost, proactive approach
to health & wellness.  Providing Living Pro-biotics & Nutrients
Kombucha: Healthy Beverage and
Natural Remedy from the Far East,
Its Correct Preparation and Use
by Gunther W. Frank
Our raw Kombucha mushroom extracts and tonics, flavored tea drinks, and culture
starter kits
originated from organic sources and will always be made with the finest
grade and certified organic ingredients!  Unlike other sites selling commercial
non-probiotic or pasteurized teas, preserved extracts, and mushroom culture kits with
inferior ingredients or small pieces/cuttings of the mushroom culture,
We Sell Only the Best!

Kombucha tea drinks from this site, provide you with some of the strongest pro-biotics
and highest quality available on the Internet!  Through our custom brewing & culturing
methods, we provide you with organic whole mushroom cultures that are thick and
healthy and harvested fresh the day we ship them to you.   Some other sites may
send you a piece and cut stripe and call it a mushroom or even resell mushrooms
from distributors.

Kombucha mushrooms and cultures are always raw, living, healthy organic cultures
harvested the day we ship them for your safety and wellbeing.  
We are not a reseller or retail outlet.  
We grow and maintain all the cultures that we ship,
giving you the freshest and most viable cultures available on the net!

Why organic?  We believe that someone is looking to cleanse and heal themselves should
not introduce more chemicals and pollutants into the body, defeating the whole propose
of cleansing and detoxifying the body.  
Organic ingredients also keep our kombucha mushroom cultures strong and vital.
~ Our Freshness and Quality Control Guarantee ~

Kombucha cultures, extracts, and bottled kombucha tea bought through our website are guaranteed to be from organic sources, free from harmful pathogens,
and most items are packaged fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.  Unlike commercial varieties which are pasteurized (killing the
pro-biotics) and may contain preservatives, stabilizers, and other ingredients (to extend shelf life or create uniformity within their product), our tea is always
made with pure organic ingredients.  Our tea and cultures are brewed and processed at a state licensed facility through the State Department of
Agriculture and Food, to insure that the bottled tea or culture starter kit you receive is in compliance with health regulations and made under sanitary
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Organic Kombucha Tea
is always brewed with only fresh organic ingredients including:  Distilled water,certified organic raw cane sugar, organic kombu cultures, and the highest quality certified organic teas.
We will never use chemically treated water is never used in our brewing process.  All cultures are grown in food safe glass jars, not plastic or metal containers, for safety and
quality control.  Please see our quality and freshness guarantee below for more information.
The Kombucha mushroom culture or SCOBY have been used traditional for hundreds of years
throughout the world as a beneficial health drink and daily tonic.   
Kombucha tea (pronounced
kom-boo-sha, Kombu tea in English), also called a Manchurian mushroom, is a living culture which
grows on top of a mixture of brewed tea and sugar in which the cultures have been introduced.  
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Same common names for KT - Manchurian Tea, Remedy of Immortality, elixir of long life, cembuya, Cembuya orientalis, Combuchu, Champignon de longue vie, Tea Kvass, and Tea Kwass.
Our store has organic Kombucha mushroom tea cultures, bottled kombucha tea, tonics and extracts, and brewing supplies for kombucha mushroom.